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Call Center Consulting

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So you want to improve your call center’s key performance indicators (KPI): first call resolution (FCR), customer satisfaction (Csat) and employee satisfaction (Esat). You have all the data you need (or maybe you only think you do) and now all you have to do is analyze the data, devise changes in your business processes and then implement the changes. Sounds easy enough, but it is not. I speak from experience when I say that you would do well to hire a company experienced in call center consulting.

These companies help hundreds of contact centers improve their metrics year over year; they are dedicated to the effort and they have the experience. You, on the other hand, have your hands full with running your contact center. In general, when you hire a qualified contact center consultant they cost less than you will save on operating costs, so you will actually be making money. For example, there is research that demonstrates a 1% improvement in FCR may lead to over $276,000 in annual operational savings. The consultancy fee is only a fraction of that.

How come call center consultants seem to have a magic bullet for improving KPIs and at the same time saving the contact center money?

The answer to that is quite simple; contact center consultants have the privilege of helping and researching hundreds of operations. They distill their efforts down to a handful of best practices that will help these center’s improve. Of course, just giving you the list of best practices is not worth much.

Call center consultants earn their money by researching your operations and pinpointing your call center’s areas of weakness. In conjunction with you and your team, the consultant then creates an action plan customized to your operations. If you implement the action plan as it is laid out you will undoubtedly see improvements in your key metrics.

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Strategic Planning Consulting

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Strategic planning and consulting is the strategy roadmap to manage business very effectively. To improve the performance in each business level, business strategic planning & consulting is essential. We should draw a clear strategic planning model to dilute the business complexity. If the strategic planning models are clearly set it is easy to find the business solution.

We can implement strategic plans for non-profit organizations. For strategic planning we should follow some strategic planning steps. Strategic planning process / Strategy can be implemented in long run as well as short run. For Strategic planning one should deploy clear strategic planning techniques. The strategic planning goals are based on business objectives, vision, mission, financial and non-financial perspective.

Strategic Consulting concentrates on rejuvenating business and strengthens the fundamentals through strategic planning. Strategic consulting deals with analyzing the business competitor behavior, examining the market trend, determining the business process, creating strategic planning framework, understanding the consumer perception and leveraging the strategic plan with optimal technology. Business strategic plans are not same for all business or organization. It varies from one business systems to other business systems.

Strategic consulting focus on understanding the company requirements in relation to companies objective. Strategic consulting provides an in-depth analysis to help your company to redefine its business strategy. Consulting strategic plan to expand business operations. Proper Strategic business planning & consulting helps the corporate to achieve the strategic planning goal.

In strategic consulting process, focusing on strategic plans is the key to success. Strategic consulting should proved innovative and logical business solution to the company. Strategic consulting firm use different business strategy for long term planning and short term planning. Strategic consulting company should understand the consumer expectation, identifying the necessary resources.

Strategic consulting has the capability to deliver business strategic plans for start-up business, developing business strategy and business plan to increase the performance, building the business architecture, reducing operational cost. Strategic consulting and strategic planning is the two vital concepts in strategic management.

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