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Using A Conference Call Consultant

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In this day and age where conference call companies are a dime a dozen, it can be a difficult and time-consuming process to try and choose between all of the available conference call options. If time is a luxury you don’t have, maybe your company should consider employing the services of a conference call consultant. Conference consulting is actually a newer service created out of the need many companies have expressed at not having the time to research conferencing service providers. Chances are a company is choosing to use conferencing services because they are looking to save time and money. Using a consultant means that you don’t have to make this decision without the help of an experienced individual.

A conference call consultant is responsible for find you the best company to meet your needs. In order to do this, the consulting agent will obtain some basic information about your company’s needs. Information such as, what is the estimated number of people that will be attending a conference? How many times will conferences be held in a specified period of time? Will your company be using audio only services? What about video and web conferencing? What is the preferred method of calling? This and several other questions will be used to determine what types of services will best suit your companies needs. At that point the conference call consultant will check to see if there is any additional hardware or software your company will need in order to use the preferred method of conferencing.

Next a consultant will do the research needed to determine which conferencing provider will best suit your needs. Checking directories, contacting companies directly for quote comparison and verifying the information in a flat rate plan. The consulting agent can is also more likely to spot calling plans that claim to be able to do more then they are actually able to. This is important so that no time or money is wasted on services you can’t use. When you sit down and analyze all of the time it takes to make a good choice in a conference call provider, a conference call consultant just seems like a smart choice.

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Integrity in Sales – Consultative Sales

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Integrity in sales starts when you look someone in the eye, shake their hand and introduce yourself. If you start off the relationship by being disingenuous about your position why would anyone want to buy from you?

Since the early 90′s the word “consultant” has become the buzz-word for sales organizations. Sales people now have the title of consultant written on their business cards and attached to their email signatures. Apparently, telling a customer you are a consultant rather than a sales rep will immediately place them into a hypnotic- trance, in which state they will agree to purchase whatever product you recommend. Apparently, a pig wearing lipstick is no longer a pig.

Look, customers want honesty first and foremost – they need to feel that their interactions with all vendors are based on integrity and candor. You need to provide them with that type of relationship regardless of the new title you have awarded yourself or been given by your company.

If you:

- Carry a quota

- Earn commission

- Add business to existing accounts

- Prospect for new business

- Tele-market

- Cold call

You are not a consultant.

You are a sales rep, account executive, sales agent, outside sales rep, inside sales rep, telesales rep, sales person, account manager, major account manager, national account manager, business account executive…
Much of the use of the word “consultant” comes from a fear or embarrassment about the word sales person. There is nothing wrong with being a sales person, far from it. Most of this Country’s economic success is built on the backs of sales people who generate revenue, build customer loyalty and allow businesses to generate profits from their products and services.

How successful would any of the fortune 500 be without someone to sell their concept, services or products? Why are you not proud to be a sales person? If you call yourself a consultant, if you persuade the customer that you are a consultant what do you do when the time comes to act like a sales person? That’s right, in those circumstances your actions become a bright-neon-sign “I lied, I am not a consultant, all I want is to earn commission from you”.

Tell your customer, from the first interaction, that you are a sales person. Leave no doubt that your goal is to sell them something. I know this goes against all the recent trends in training and sales philosophy, but it works because it is completely honest. If your customer understands you have a quota to hit and a manager to report to they will, if they are a good customer, be more respectful of your time and efforts.

As a sales person, you have the chance of over-delivering by allowing your actions; your integrity and honesty, to differentiate you from all those sales reps pretending to be consultants.

My colleagues and I hold Sales Leadership positions within some of America’s largest and most successful companies:

We believe in making a life changing difference for smart sales people by helping them secure their financial independence.

We make that difference by focusing on a foundation of good salesmanship – generating qualified leads and protecting existing accounts.

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Online Image Consulting 101

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One of the biggest businesses today has got to be online image consulting, everywhere you look, you are seeing the results of an online image consultant on hand. They are so popular that everyone is wanting to get one for their purposes, they never fail to land a great job opportunity for someone. They are a must to have around if you are in the public eye at all. Online image consultants are available for so many purposes. Not only do they show you how you should be acting at big events, they will also be telling you what to wear and even how to wear your favorite make up, along with the greatest hairstyles for you and how to have proper etiquette when you are in the public.

Online image consultants are being hired all of the time to show people exactly how to make a lasting impression and do it in style. Because of everything they can do for you and teach you, these men and women are paid a whole lotta money! If they do not think your speak properly they will actually go out and get someone to show you just how to speak. Online image consultants have a wide variety of partners working with them for your every need. If you need to perfect your skills in just about anything, they can help you attain that.

They are of great importance for your careers. They have the ability to land you some of the most amazing jobs or to achieve a higher standing at your current job and they are also used to help people find that perfect someone or just to help someone gain a tremendous amount of much needed confidence. These people are expensive but it is well worth the cost. You will be so thrilled with the results, you would not be able to imagine life without having them around for whatever purposes you may have.

It is amazing to me how important a great online image can be. It is just a fact of life people, when your appearance oozes fabulous people are going to look at you differently and because of that, treat you differently. Whether you are in the public eye or not an online image consultant can be of great importance and help you out tremendously. This is their job, what they love to do and they have a very good reputation because of all of their abilities.

Consulting is a hot market. Online image consultants have the opportunity to make thousands of dollars a day teaching people how they should dress, how to speak, how to make a lasting impression, whether it be for finding a new career or a new love of your life that you have been waiting on for so long. Online image consultants have answers to all of your imaging questions. They know what looks best and they know how important it is to establish a fantastic online image, so that when all eyes are on you, you are the star.

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Increasing Your Online Consulting Fees, Part II

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You are just as worthy of making a lot of money as anyone else is, you just have to gain the confidence in knowing you can increase your online consulting fees if you choose to do so. Increasing your online consulting fees does not make you a bad business person, it makes you a smart business person. Sometimes it is necessary to increase your online consulting fees in order to make a profit with your online consulting business.

It is all a learning process anyway. If you do not feel that you are good enough yet to ask for more money, just stop and think about it, when will you be good enough, when will you provide services with perfection? Noone is ever going to be perfect, even when they have gained the experiences necessary in creating a good name for themselves. Do not wait for that time to come, you will be losing so much money if you do. Start now, by increasing your online consulting fees, you will be so glad that you decided to do so and chances are, if your clients are satisfied with your services, they will not have a problem with paying you a little bit more money, because you deserve it.

Online consulting businesses are expanding each and every day, offering many different types of services for their clients. If you choose to hire a online consultant for your purposes, you will be saved the time and worry from trying to figure everything out on your own, online consultants are paid good money because of the services they have available for you, they are professional and always reliable, and they definitely deserve an increase in their online consulting fees. Give them what they deserve!

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How to Market Your Independent Telecom Business Consulting Services On-Line

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How do you get more paying customers?

This is the single most often asked question of me, hundreds, if not thousands of times over the 35 + years of my telecom career beginning in 1964 in Canada, and USA.

More recently, over the past 5 years while building a full time internet marketing business on line, these are the kinds of questions that have dominated in spite of the information overload of our technological times.

->> How do you effectively implement all the things involved to successfully market your own independent telecom business online.

->> How do you decide when to stop marketing campaigns that are not producing specific profitable results.

->> How do you get more new clients , and keep them

If you have been around telecom, and on line business at all, you already know there are many books and services about marketing available, but you always find lots of disconnected information about the topic when you search for your answers.

Specifically when you search for information about independent telecom consulting, you find little information except sales pitches by “Telecom Consulting Companies” touting their service and often their real business “selling telecom products”

I may be wrong, but it appears that a lot of telecom professionals have ended up trading their corporate career for an affiliation with yet another corporation as a “independent contractor” at some enormous startup or ongoing fee, rather than creating an independent business for themselves.

That is understandable, after all you were running the show, and as an independent telecom consultant found yourself unwilling or unable to gather the necessary support you needed to run any kind of serious marketing program and run your business at the same time.

There were mailings to do, web sites to build, advertising to plan, and presentations to clients to attend to, as well as do the actual technical work that you excel at

Without support, running a profitable consulting business can actually absorb all those hours and days you had dreamed about for leisure time.

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