Starting A Business Consultancy Company Advice

So the tough questions that need to be asked of yourself first and foremost involve your credentials. A consultant needs to have some pretty impressive experience in small, medium and even blue chip companies to make themselves valuable to a potential customer. The more experience a person has in different environments and different markets, then the more valuable their skill set is as a consultant. A consultant needs to be able to have good knowledge of business as a whole and the more experience they have the better they can analyse and solve other people’s problems.

The next big must if you’re thinking of starting a consultancy company is to make sure you are very confident in your sales skills and presentation skills as well. This is because it will be up to you to go out and secure clients through cold calling and pitching, so this needs to be a skill that you have the greatest confidence in. Also being able to present effectively is key because if you do secure some good contracts then you will need to present to directors and managers clearly and confidently.

Having a good network of contacts in many different sectors can also come in very handy for your consultancy as firstly you could pitch them for business or if they know anyone in need of a consultant with your skills. Secondly when you are problem solving within an organisation it is very handy to have a good set of contacts as these will no doubt be needed to solve certain problems. For example if a company is looking to get online and launch an effective website then it would be great if you had two to three good companies you could refer them to and potentially get a cut for the referral. So networking is a definitely a skill you will need to have to make a success out of consulting.

Finally you need to understand that running your own company being a business consultant is very time consuming and you will be stretched greatly. You will need to be very organised, committed, driven and really be a people person. If you posses these skills and are confident that you can accomplish the job at hand then it is definitely a worthwhile career to pursue and can be extremely challenging and rewarding.

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