Which cryptoasset has the best future in 2022?

Our experts believe these three cryptoassets can give you huge returns in 2022. However you should do your own research and get to know the crypto type and what it is offering before investing in it. The golden rule of investment is to distribute your investments over various asset-classes. Consider this before investing in cryptoasset too.

Cryptoassets are the latest trend that is here to stay and rule in the future too. Even the critics of cryptoassets have become its fan now. The high returns and success stories have made cryptoassets a hot investment class. It is very difficult to choose the best performing cryptoassets from thousands available. We will help you decide which cryptoasset has the best future in 2022.

Understanding Cryptoassets

Cryptoassets are digital assets that are created using advanced encryption technology called Cryptography. They are primarily designed to work as medium of exchange. These assets are recorded in public ledger called Blockchain. Blockchain technology makes the transactions safer and transparent as no central authority controls or decides the transaction.

Factors which decide which cryptoasset has the best future in 2022

The present and the past performance of an asset in the market are very crucial for the success of a cryptoasset. Moreover the community of a cryptoasset also plays an important role. The followers are the trend setters and they can make an asset dip or soar. Some of the crucial factors in the success of cryptoassets are –

Supply – low supply makes an asset attractive investment class. High demand and low supply pushes the value up.
Innovation – realising the need and catering to that need is also an important factor. Many cryptoassets have created a niche by capitalizing the demands of a particular demography.
Scalability – the key to success of any cryptoasset is settling transactions quickly and efficiently. Traditional finance methods take time so the shorter the time period the successful is the token.
High Usability – If a company announces accepting a particular token,Guest Posting the value of that token increase. Commercial adoption increases with higher user base.
Demand – the higher the demand, the more valuable a cryptoasset becomes. Demand depends upon publicity, media coverage, safety, availability on exchanges etc
Which cryptoasset has the best future in 2022?

Depending upon the factors mentioned above some cryptoassets becomes hit while the rest remain the same. The ultimate goal of an investor is to earn huge rewards. So let us take a look at the cryptoassets that have potential to become a hit in 2022.

Yearn.Finance – This is a totally innovative platform where financing has been revolutionized. The platform connects lenders and borrowers creating a truly decentralized platform. This is innovation at best and creates a totally unique DeFi experience. When you have cryptocurrencies stored in your wallet the question arises as to how to use them without selling. You can lend them and earn handsome interest while your token value is also growing.

PlatinX – PlatinX is another innovative non-fungible token offering. PlatinX utilises the most advanced BNB Blockchain technology, to give its users a decentralized platform. The token also aims to be used for advertisement in Meta and social media platforms. Another strong feature is that it facilitates owning NFTs as well as participating in celebrity functions. The future of PlatinX is bright with huge rewards to be reaped.

LuckyBlock – This one is globalizing lottery industry. Anyone can participate in lottery games without involving a centralized operator. To keep the process transparent and trustworthy all functions are carried out by smart contracts. Investors can invest by purchasing its digital token on Pancakeswap.

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